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Oregon Implied Consent License Suspension Lengths

There are different consequences for taking a test and failing, or refusing a test.  All such outcomes have negative impacts on your license or driving privileges in Oregon.  If your license is from a different state, you will not be automatically suspended, but you should watch your mail just in case your home state issues a reciprocal suspension.  Even if you have a valid license from another state, your right to drive in Oregon is still suspended.  Here are the suspension lengths under the Oregon’s Implied Consent Law:

Test and Result

Suspension Period

Hardship Permit Availability

Breath or blood test failure

90 days

30 days

Breath or blood test refusal

1 year

90 days

Breath or blood test failure – enhanced *

1 year

1 year

Breath or blood test refusal – enhanced *

3 years

3 years

Urine test refusal ^

1 year

180 days

Urine test refusal – enhanced ^*

3 years

2 years


* = Suspension lengths increase if the driver has had any of the following in the previous 5 years: a DUII conviction, a DUII Diversion, or a driver’s license suspension under the Oregon Implied Consent Laws.

^ = In certain situations where controlled substances (drugs) are suspected, the police may request a urine test, after offering a breath test.  If you refuse the breath test and you refuse the urine test, the two suspensions run consecutively (back-to-back)